Customized Advanced Qualified Electrical Worker Certification

This customized three day course will ensure that your electrical workers are proven qualified for the electrical tasks that they are performing as specified by OSHA/OH&S/MOL/DOL and other AHJ’s, the Criminal Code of Canada, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462, and industry standards. It is 60% projects and hands-on and will ensure that your successful participants truly have the knowledge, and can demonstrate the skills, to perform their electrical operating tasks safely and properly, and ensure that you have fulfilled your due diligence requirements under all legislation.

It encompasses both indoor and outdoor substations with the major emphasis on indoor substations and electrical rooms.
The course is taught by substation safety professionals each with over 35 years of hands-on maintenance, testing and troubleshooting experience with exemplary safety records working in generating stations, substations and plants. The course is taught using our Lab Two, a 53′ highway trailer outfitted with 25kV, 15kV, 5kV and 480/600V electrical equipment with full cutaways giving complete access to the equipment during switching and racking.

This customized program will include certification on all your electrical systems from 120V to 138kV with safety demonstrations and practical projects on substation equipment allowing participants to conduct potential tests, perform lockout/tagout, isolations, switching, phasing and apply safety grounds using hot sticks. Simple and complex lockout/tagout can be performed combining electrical, mechanical, fluid, process, optical, overhead crane and physical guards with written, verbal, hand signal and radio communication while using Category 2 and 4 PPE. We also have simulated overhead distribution lines with fuses, cutouts, switches and grounding capability.

This lab contains: 1 – 25kV mini-OCB, 1 – 15kV VCB, 1 – 15kV S&C fused distribution load break disconnect with manual and pneumatic operation, 1 – 5kV ACB with puffer, 1 – 5kV vacuum motor starter, 1 – 600V switchgear column with two ACB’s, 1 – 600V MCC with motor starters, 1- 600V switchboard with breakers and starters, 2 – 600V buses with tie breaker, 1 – 600V panelboard, numerous 600V load break and safety isolation disconnects, overhead crane simulator, voltage detectors, HV voltmeter, HV amprobe, hot sticks, static sticks, ground clusters and DLRO, phasing sticks, switching sticks, rubber gloves, rubber and other cover ups, racking rails, overhead hoist and CB lifting hooks, two way radios, locks, tags and specialized inductance demonstrator.

This training originated in 1980 and has been attended by engineers, electricians, technologists, technicians and operators performing, supervising or managing electrical switching and who require these skills to be certified as competent and qualified to safely and properly perform their job.

This course will benefit any worker who wants to continue enjoying their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. For more information, please call 1-800-205-8855
All of our equipment is in complete switchgear and can be racked in and out providing an exact replication of common substation activities as well as mechanical binding issues. This training will be customized to your needs at our expense.

We guarantee to ensure that your workers are qualified to work safely and competently on your electrical systems in both normal and emergency situations.
Our partner, Canada Training Group, has trained 24,000 industrial workers since 1980 and has been training HV electrical workers since 1981 with extensive experience on 4,160V to 13.8kV systems. Our instructional staff have anywhere from 35 to 54 years of high voltage safety, maintenance, testing and troubleshooting experience with exemplary safety records on systems to 500kV.

The instructional design has been done to the standards of the Canadian Society for Training and Development, the American Society for Training and Development, and the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction. This training incorporates the work of Bloom, Mager, Harless, Kirkpatrick, Kolb and Gardner and follows the ADDIE ISD process.